Collection: Pu'Er (Pu-erh) Tea

Pu'Er (Pu-erh) Tea has long been identified in Chinese medicine as a daily medicinal essential as well as assisting in weight loss and digestion. Known as Pu'Er or Pu-erh due to the area of Yunnan Province that this famous and ancient category comes from. The origins date back 1700 years and by the Tang Dynasty this tea was traded with more populated areas like Beijing, Tibet and Burma. Due to the remote high altitude the tea was compressed, aged and transported along a vast network of trails known as the Tea Horse Road. This trading route was just as significant as the Silk Road opening up relationships with various parts of Asia and the greater Chinese kingdoms.

Pu'Er is harvested from ancient trees that can be centuries old that grow with no human intervention in a random fashion in the back country. With the trees age comes an extensive root system that penetrates deep into the soil drawing nutrient rich minerals into the leaves.

There are two different types of Pu'Er. One type is processed a bit like green tea using hot air and pan-fired methods. Some leaf enzymes stay alive and over time there is a continuous fermentation allowing the tea to age naturally. This is known as Sheng or Raw.

The other type is known as Ripe or Shou. It undergoes a process that cooks the tea after its harvested allowing it to ferment with a fast-tracking of time. A relatively new process, it has become the most popular because it takes less time to create a similar outcome. The tea comes in various forms both compressed and loose. 

Pu'Er is good for health, enjoyment and collection.

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