Health Benefits of Flower Tea

The Health Benefits of Flower Tea

Flower teas can boosts the reviving function of our energies for the spring period. The fragrant aroma of flowers help stimulate the opening of the sense organs to the sights, sounds and smells of the coming spring or the new day. 

Spring is associated with the liver and the emotion the liver harbours is anger. For example, jasmine flower has an effect to mitigate anger and calm ones inner and outer frustrations. Some people will start their day with jasmine tea to activate their positive emotions.Jasmine tea will dispel the cold, damp sluggish feeling that has accumulated in the body over the winter or over night uplifting ones spirit producing positive outlooks. It also protects the body from the rising winds of spring while furthering the upward and outward energy. Jasmine tea can help alleviate the condition of anxiety and depression or when the spirit is at a low point. It helps boost positive energy and relaxes the mind because of its uplifting scent.

Rose can help regulate the flow of qi and invigorate blood circulation. The ancient tea classics say that rose is for beauty and beneficial for females to enrich blood, improve fatigue and help with pain. It has been used for centuries by many ancient cultures and harmonises well with green tea.

Chrysanthemum flower is beneficial to help clear upper body heat particularly from the sinus, lungs and eye area. Dry, sore, itchy, bloodshot eyes will benefit from this flower along with eye strain from prolonged computer use. The eyes are the window to the liver and its the liver that also benefits from Chrysanthemums ability to cool, regulate and clear toxic heat. 

Honeysuckle flower is most beneficial to ease sore throats and eliminate flu and cold symptoms. One of the oldest Chinese Flower herbs used in their medicine, Honeysuckle can also ease a headache and help eliminate toxins associated with swellings and abscesses.

Osmanthus flower has been used for centuries in tea blends for its distinctive and tropical like fragrance. It can warm and clear phlegm from the lung and raise spirit due to it pleasing aroma.