Health Benefits of Black Tea

The Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea has warming and nourishing properties that support our natural body energetics and in particular our kidneys. This is an ideal tea for the season of winter or when the body is in need of increasing its core temperature.

Black tea promotes good digestive health. The theaflavin compounds in black tea help break down fat cells in food reducing cholesterol levels.

Black tea penetrates the blood brain barrier (separation of circulating blood in the central nervous system) and has been shown to be effective against dementia. The caffeine levels are much less than in coffee and promote blood flow to the brain without over stimulating the heart. This inturn can improve mental focus and concentration.

Warming tea helps as an anti-inflammatory, increases mineral bone density in the lower spine and pelvis and helps to restore normal endothelial (internal tissue) function. It can also help as an anti-bacterial that fights tooth decay.