Seasonal Energetics


The ancient Chinese observed that there is a relationship between the cyclical patterns that occur in the environment and in the human body. For example, the sun, being our main source of light, has a cyclical pattern which impacts on our energies differently throughout the year. The same can be said for the waning and waxing of the moon and the hormonal system of the female body. We are all affected by this relationship of natural changes.

Seasonal changes have a very powerful effect on us physically and mentally. With this in mind, certain varieties of Chinese tea will help balance the five major organ systems of the body at certain times of the year (Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Kidney/Adrenal, and Detoxification). This concept can be treated for either curative or preventative measures and can be applied to different times of the day as well. The association between particular tea and seasons relates to vectors of energy within the body.

With the coming of spring, for example, the core energy of the body begins to awaken and has a natural movement upwards. From here, energy begins to move not only upwards but also outwards, opening into the expansion of summer. With the coming autumn, energy slowly begins to settle and ‘fall’ become heavier. By the time winter sets in the energy has settled into a dormant downward state waiting for the start of spring.

In traditional Chinese medicine it suggests that it is of fundamental benefit to drink different varieties of tea according to the seasons of the year or the time of the day. This is a concept that they believe has fundamental benefit for our optimum health.