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High Mountain Tea

2008 Shou Pu'Er Lao Cha Tou - Ripe Pu'Er Rocks - Old Tea Head

2008 Shou Pu'Er Lao Cha Tou - Ripe Pu'Er Rocks - Old Tea Head

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Twelve years old, this irregular shaped variety is cooked (Shou style) and fully fermented. The tea nuggets are formed by the loose tea being placed into large tanks. After a long time elapses, the tea sticks together because of the high humidity, temperature and lack of oxygen. This gives a unique Pu'Er earthy and concentrated outcome once brewed. 


Growing Area

Yu Nan


5g Tea

400mls filtered water at 90℃

Steep for 2 minutes

Pour to cups/pourer

Season to drink

Autumn, Winter


Airtight container in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight, smells and moisture.

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Chinese Tea is made up of Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Jasmine Tea, Pu'Er Tea and is sold by High Mountain Tea Co. here in Fremantle and Perth Western Australia

All the tea in China

Three thousand years ago the Chinese started producing tea and have been perfecting the art and skill ever since. Chinese Tea is by far the most complex and most prized tea in the world. Take yourself back to ancient China; drink tea that only the Emperors would exclusively consume and enjoy the complexity and depth of this highly prized and internationally sought after product. High Mountain Tea Co tea…ancient wisdom in a cup!