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White Tea clears summer heat as the expanding energy continues to move upwards and outwards. It replenishes the loss of qi (vital life force energy) and fluids, through the sweat, and helps maintain a lively and pleasant outlook to enjoy the summer.

White Tea harmonises the stomach and aids in the metabolism of increased fluid consumption during the hot months.

White tea will remove toxic heat from the body and cool and regulate the liver. It goes through the least processing out of all the categories of tea giving it the highest antioxidant value. 

With life on planet earth we find it easy to become preoccupied with our thoughts and ideas. Our emotions and state of mind can be flared at times and stress can be a controlling factor. The mind is associated with the heart and the emotion the heart harbours is joy. White tea can cool and regulate the fire of life and help control our emotions in the heat of stressful moments.

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