Silk Road Traders Probiotic Tea (Hei Cha)

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This ancient category of tea has undergone microbial fermentation and is a unique probiotic source containing the Eurotium Crhristatum (Golden Flower) fungus. The tea after harvest undertakes a process that compresses the tea and exposes the leaves to high humidity as it drys slowly. Millions of people living in high-altitude deserts that border China like Tibet and Mongolia used this tea for their digestive harmony when fresh fruit and vegetables were non-existent.

There is nothing fancy about Hei Cha compared with fine manicured bud tea that's hand-rolled. It is compressed (similar to PuEr) and broken for convenience. The taste is never astringent with a pleasant sweet woodsy flavour and dark tea liquor. One of the first probiotic drinks in history, this tea is an excellent digestive aid.

Best brewed in a porcelain teapot using 85°C of water temperature, 4-5 g of tea, steeping for 3-5 minutes. Several infusions are achieved.  Also known as Hei Cha.